IT skills training that works for your business

Our training solutions have made a dramatic difference across a wide range of sectors and company sizes, and often meet diverse business needs.

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Are staff under-performing because their IT skills are not up to scratch?

Staff with poor or insufficient IT skills can hamper business productivity. They need constant help from internal support staff, taking up valuable time and resources, and are not as productive or effective as they should be. We help change the picture by training all staff to the IT skill level you need and providing them with ongoing support. We work with you to identify individual competence gaps, purpose-design appropriate training programmes and deliver the training with minimal impact on your business day. The training we provide is paid for in full through Government funding so there are no costs to you at all.
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Are you delaying buying the new software you need because of the staff training involved?

Businesses typically introduce new or upgraded administration software every three years, if not sooner, to improve efficiency. New software, however, inevitably involves training staff on using it and giving them ongoing support, which can be costly and time consuming. We can help by delivering new software training for you. We'll make sure that current and new staff have the confidence and know-how to use it effectively, and give them continuing support as and when they need it. The training we provide is paid for in full through Government funding so there are no costs to you at all.
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Are the costs of training new staff on your IT systems holding you back from recruiting?

Nearly all new staff will need training on your IT systems as well as access to ongoing help and guidance. Internal training and support costs time and money, and puts a lot of pressure on resources. External training costs even more, with programmes often failing to reflect your specific requirements and causing disruption to your working day. The training we provide is fully Government-funded so there are no costs to you whatsoever. We purpose-devise programmes to precisely fit your needs and we deliver the training with little or no impact on your business operations.
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If first class external training was available free of charge, would that solve the problem?

We are registered to source and administer funding for IT skills training through the Government-linked Skills Funding Agency. This means that we can create a high-quality training programme around your exact requirements without it costing you anything. The funding is in place to enable improvements in individuals' IT competence and capabilities, in turn benefiting the companies that they work for. Learners can also achieve nationally recognised vocational qualifications. The Skills Funding Agency - a partner organisation of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) - funds and promotes adult further education and skills training in England.

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